Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

— Michael Jordan

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Not fitting in the boxes? We know the feeling! Send us your application anyway. We are a bunch of misfits ourselves.


The organization is build around our deep desire to making everything easier every day. This means that we are primarily a tech company, and we start every thought with the question of; how can tech make this easier for us everyday? But as a tech-based company, we see our employees as our biggest assets. We are very thorough in our hiring process, and we use our personality traits as a platform for our team. We build teams around people who have the drive and ability to learn everyday and become better version of themselves. If we have a team who learns, everything gets easier everyday.


At the core Firtal is about getting better, and making things easier. That goes for our team as well. We strive to build a learning environment, where you are challenged everyday. We strive to provide the best opportunities for personal growth as well as opportunities to take your career further. That is why we bring in people from different industries with different experiences. This way we ensure that our #1 priority – our employees – becomes the best version possible of themselves, both in their career life and in their personal life.


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